Residential Aged Care - Admission Assistance

The need for residential aged care accommodation can often come at a time where a place is required urgently. Searching for a suitable place and gathering all the information can be overwhelming.

We hope the following information will help and guide you through that process.

Residential Age Care Admission Process

  1. The ACAT Form
    It is necessary that you have a current ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) assessment done ready for your admission to residential aged care.

    This assessment determines the level of care you require - high care, low care or dementia specific accommodation.

    Your own doctor can arrange an ACAT assessment for you. Alternatively, you can contact the social worker at the ACAT team. They will then make an appointment to visit you either at home, or in hospital, to conduct the assessment.

  2. Assets Declaration Form
    At the time of your ACAT assessment, you will be given the Assets Declaration Form. It needs to be completed and sent to either Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs.

  3. Application to Wattle Hill Care
    The application needs to be completed for your name to be entered onto the Waiting List. You can download this form here, or obtain a copy from our office.

    Once completed and returned, we encourage you to make an appointment to speak to us about your care needs, and to discuss your individual financial situation and decisions.

  4. Your Medical Care
    It will be necessary for you to contact your local doctor to establish whether he/she will continue your care whilst you are at Wattle Hill Care.

    However, if your GP is unable to continue your medical care, our clinical staff will be happy to assist you with selecting a new GP. This is important, as your medication charts need to be available to us upon your admission, to ensure we can seamlessly continue your care and/or review your current medication.

  5. Admission to Wattle Hill Care
    When you are offered and have accepted a placement for care here at Wattle Hill, you will meet with our Facility Manager to discuss all the aspects of admission, the date and financial arrangements of your entry. Upon your arrival for admission our registered nurse will meet with you and show you to your room. Our dedicated staff will be on hand to help you feel at home and settle in.

Forms Required For Residential Aged Care Admission

  1. ACAT Form
    The ACAT form is a requirement of entry into any residential aged care establishment, under the Aged Care Act. Your GP or social worker at the ACAT Team can organise an appointment to visit you in your home to conduct an assessment. Please make sure you have this form with you.

  2. Assets Declaration Form
    The Assets Declaration form requires your personal and financial information which determines the fee structure you may be eligible for, under the Aged Care Act. Once you have provided this detail, it needs to be sent to either Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs.

    In due course, a letter will be sent to you to confirm if you are either assisted or non-assisted, for residential aged care. Please make sure that you provide us with acopy of this letter.

  3. Power of Attorney
    Whilst not compulsory, we do recommend you have a nominated Power of Attorney, so that someone of your choosing can act for you, if you are no longer capable to make decisions for yourself.