About Us

Wattle Hill Lodge Inc., trading as Wattle Hill Care, is a non-denominational and not-for-profit charitable organisation, committed to enhancing the care needs of the elderly in the South West.

Led by a dedicated and professional executive management team, our compassionate and professional teams of nurses, carers and support staff all work together to provide our residents with the very best of care, respectful of individual lifestyle needs.

Administered by a volunteer Board of Management whose members are drawn from across the business and community sectors of Bunbury and the South West region, Wattle Hill Care draws on the resources of all Board members, staff and residents to ensure it continues to offer exceptional services and care to the community.

Our Philosophy is for Wattle Hill Care to enhance the quality of life for the aged in our community, through secure, affordable, positive and healthy ageing, and by providing a cohesive framework for high-quality and cost-effective core services for older people.

Our Vision is for all residents to:

  • Have the opportunity to choose their own preferred style of accommodation;
  • Have equal access to the care and support they need, including ageing in place; and
  • Have support facilities which provide a quality to their lives within an atmosphere of peace and security, permitting them to live creatively and, wherever possible, independently.

Our Mission is to:

  • Provide a high standard of accommodation for retired persons, with supportive help and encouragement;
  • Provide at all times compassionate care in an atmosphere of peace, security and happiness;
  • Create an environment of comprehensive personalised care, with respect for each individual’s beliefs, values, integrity and privacy; and
  • Ensure the staff members of Wattle Hill Care work as a team to provide quality care for all residents, in a safe and secure environment.

About Us

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